BLUEAIR Small Medium Rom Bedroom Air Purifier 5240i for ONLY $179.99 Shipped (Was $359)!

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Amazon has the BLUEAIR Small Medium Rom Bedroom Air Purifier 5240i for ONLY $179.99 Shipped (Was $359)!

  • CAPTURES 99% OF DUST BEFORE IT SETTLES: Dual air intake and vortex airflow keeps airborne dust particles moving, electrostatic charges cluster them together. Once inside, dust particles stick to the charged stainless steel pre-filters, just like a magnet​
  • CLEAN AIR IN MINUTES: Blueair’s HEPASilent dual filtration delivers up to 45% faster cleaning & up to 67% less noise than traditional HEPA filtration alone; Quickly cleans 212sqft medium room in about 12.5min or up to 1,017sqft XL space in 60min, on high
  • IN-APP REAL-TIME TRACKING: Auto adjusts to maintain optimal air conditions; 5-color LED and in-app tracking keep you informed of air quality
  • NIGHT MODE AND OTHER FEATURES: ‘Night Mode’ lowers fan speed and dims LED lights for uninterrupted sleep; ‘Welcome Home’ feature saves time and conserves energy while ensuring clean air when entering your home
  • CERTIFIED QUIETEST AIR PURIFIER: Quieter (23 dB) than a whisper on low; ENERGY STAR rated – uses less energy (4W) than an LED lightbulb on low so it’s kind to your wallet and the planet
  • REMOVES 99.99% OF COMMON ALLERGENS: Helps reduce allergens and pollutants that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms
  • REMOVES ODOR & PARTICLES DOWN TO 0.1 MICRON: Ideal for smoke & smog during wildfire season; Removes 99.97% of airborne particles like smoke, dust, viruses and pet dander, while the carbon filter traps light household odors from smoking, pets and cooking
  • MOST AWARDED AIR PURIFIER BRAND IN THE US: DustMagnet 5240i has won the 2021 RedDot – Product Design and IF – Product Design awards; Sleek, convenient tabletop surface compliments aesthetic while cleaning your air without cramping your style
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